Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The post in which I almost die from over excitement

So. Firstly, dafsj;ldksf;laf. This is my blog and it is braaand new, and the pressure to write something not rubbish is incredible. Despite the fact that my follower count is zero. Cool.


A F Vandervorst. Um, delicious? Yes. There was lots of chalky white accessorizing (check out the gloves) and still that flowy draping carrying on from the Spring line.  But then there was too much block. As in, red shoes, red leggings, red gloves, red skirt, red jacket, block. And then I saw pinstripe and freaked out.

WOAH. You have to say that when you see Viktor and Rolf. Well you don't, but maybe you should read more? Eeeeeep. I don't even know. Okay okay okay. SO this was kind of like being reborn, but better? AND WITH REALLY BIG ROUND SHOULDERS. Which I enjoyed. And I do think they tried to make their necklines tantalizingly higher than anyone els's. And I condone it.

Also, in addition, I felt like I was looking at a really well dressed Attila the Hun. And it was like looking at the stars reflecting on a big black ocean. At high tide. Because the neck lines were so high. Like making-me-nervous-high. OKAY SO THAT'S ENOUGH OR I'LL NEVER STOP.

Allllbiiiiiiinoooooooo (formerly known as Albino, but no just kidding it's still called Albino. Now this joke is weird. I feel awkward) ANYWAY. Albino always reminds me of fresh cut paper.

I really liked their Fall line because it combines all the trends that are happening now (billowing sleeves, shoulder pads, ankle boots, etcetc). Plus it was super preppy (0mG k00te!). Aaand I totally cut a business shirt in half the other day so that was officially inspired.

SO AMAZING. LIKE HOW AMAZING. This is Central Saint Martins, and yeah I've never really heard about them. Evidently they are superbly new which is exciting! And I sound like a little kid. This quadriple layered fabric they used gives like three million new dimensions to the basic clean cut designs, and the massive arm cuffs in the first image gave me chiiilllsss (whilst simultaneously expanding on Karl's Fall 09 line for Chanel!).

Although I didn't really care for the direction the line started going in with the electric blue later on (I DO NOT LIKE ELECTRIC BLUE) I thought this part of the collection was simply banging.

Hermes. This is like some 19th century-Sherlock Holmes-inspired scenario. The entire line looks like it was put together by some magnificent stylist (No not you Rachel Zoe) rather than the mismatched it's-still-fashion-riiight looks you can sometimes get.. And it was so elemental. Is that even a word? Whatever I didn't get a red squiggly line. It's so wonderfully collaborated I kind of just stare at it? and I'm thinking of definitely putting it on my wall.
PS Nomomonnomnom.

Okay I really think I should go to bed. Ciaaaao manhattan.

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