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I feel gloomy today, so I want to do my dedication tribute post thing to Alexander McQueen. And I know this will have zero effect and if someone actually reads it that would be more weird than anything, but it's important to me.

Fall 2010. I heard this line was 80% complete when he killed himself. So Sarah Burton (who's taking over Alexander McQueen) finished it, and I think she did a good job as far as you can do a job that's already mostly done. It reminds me of pray mantis. And all sorts of insects; cinched and wrapped and thin and strange.

Spring 2010. This was one of the first Spring lines I saw because at the time I was more stumbling upon them than slaving over them for hours on But I guess this line kind of started it. When I saw the shoes  I was kind of weirded out. I still think they can be shocking out of context. But in context? Here? They look amazing.

Resort 10. I think this might actually be one of the only Resort lines McQueen ever did, and you can understand why. Resort and Pre-Fall aren't exactly factories of eccentricity. They're understated. Aaand trying to understate McQueen turns out weirdly, like all his Givenchy lines. Stupid Givenchy-creative-squashers.

Fall 2009. IS THERE ANYTHING MORE PERFECT THAN THIS? Now I am feeling morbid and excited in some strange mix. But oh man this is so beautiful. I wish I had a close up of the lips/lipstick because it's pretty much a massive oval taking over double the normal-lip-size-area... Buut I think I've already way overloaded this post with pictures so I decided against it.

If you are going to look at any of the McQueen lines though, this is the one. Philip Treacy (who designs the headpieces) and Alexander McQueen combined were actually like a weird dual messiah.

Pre Fall 2009. This equestrian thing reminds me so much of the Dior 2010 Spring Couture line that I'm feeling kind of odd. It feels tense to me. Or intense. Like there isn't enough and it's about to explode because there should be more. I have no idea why I feel like this.

Spring 2009. OH MY. The first outfit is ri-dic-u-lowse!!!!!!! I would wear that every day ever. I really like the hair all up in the faceee and the skull on Abbey Lee's dress. It reminds me of pretty little girls carrying massive weights. Like a lot of the people I know.

Resort 2009. SO MUCH BUSINESS. Business suits and business skirts and business shoes and businessbusinessbusiness. It's not my favourite, but no matter, no matter.

Fall 2008. And all the kings horses and all the kings men looked fucking ahmayzing. Genuinely suprised there were no horses in this one! ARE YOU GETTING THE HAIR PIECES THOUGH? Oh man oh man. So: gold, deep red, soldier jackets, draped skirts, tight waists, huge skirts and cute little ballet flats. I am going to pieces over this.

Spring 2008. MORE AMAZING HEAD PIECES. I actually should probably stop mentioning them because McQueen didn't exactly design them.. at all.. But I have no self control (Is this obvious? How many parenthesis have I used so far? AI DUN CAYA)

The way the tops and skirts and dresses go in to triangles, I have no idea how to explain that. It pretty much sums up McQueen I think. And low rise jeans of course. In addition, the bottom of the pale blue dress though (second along) OHHHHHHHyes.

Fall 2007. EGYPTIAN. I like Egyptian inspired fashion lines, even if it is a little bit of safety net, like Victorian style or water. I really shouldn't have led with that though, because it's really going for an all over ancient theme - well that's what I figure. I do think this kind of thing is really subjective.

The skirts are long and straight, with some give, and the fringes (for the Egyptian looks) are blunt and eyeliner thick. The Roman and Greek looks are middle parts, armor and decadence. I'm all over it captain.

Spring 2007. Didn't I just mention Victorian? I REALLY NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE FLOWER DRESS FIRST THOUGH. I think my insides are liquid. The sleeves for one, the neckline (which kind of looks like it's holding her head up) and then of course how it all finishes in this huge ball of flower. Fuck, I think I will cry.

I should also mention that that headpiece is the tip of the iceberg, the Victorian theme is way more evident from the whole line (not so much from the pictures I showed. What a twat.) and that I may have changed my mind about the whole Fall 09 line being the must see collection.

 Fall 2006. I should probably mention there is a lot more tartan in the collection that I have shown (...which is none) and that it's all very Scottish and lovely. It's not one of my favourties, but it's still amazing. And it has headpieces, so you can tell he put his heart in it.

Spring 2006. I just really want that white dress. This was another played down sort of one, which is getting increasingly puzzling, but I still think it's pretty lathered in magic.

 Fall 2005. I had to read a review for this one, because the inspiration was so so lost on me. Turns out it's a 60s sort of theme. I just didn't feel it. It's kind of trashy, which is probably a political front about how trashy some people are or something. Maybe it's not. Just the hair was weirdly big. Sixties-big. I don't know. That red dress is still wonderful. And Jessica Stam has red hair, so that was great.

Spring 2005. In my next life I am going to be a chess piece. Decision making is too hard anyway. No, I'm kidding. I hear that kind of thing is rubbish. My favourites are the lavender and the pale pink, even if they are somewhat further away. Odd. This was so school girl and school girl day dreams, and something about the dreaming translates to the reality of the chess board. I am mostly likely way off base with that though.

 Fall 2004. Ohh what I would do to have massive cashmere pants. Most of this line was in a caramel colour, but then there were pieces like that necklace and the huge theatrical gown and Gemma Ward's flowy drapey outift - which consequently reminds me of those British guys in the knickerbockers (IT'S LATE AND NAMES ARE ESCAPING ME) and it's all so good. Not great or huge or outlandish or fantastical or whizzical (That's not a word is it. What is the word I am thinking of!?) But it's good and I like it.

Spring 2004. Ooo-la-la dancing. I struggleee to see the outfits! Maybe it's because I'm such a little spoilt blogger always getting to see my outfits front on with some nice sunken ship background or such. Um, as far as I can see they are good?

The real Alexander McQueen element was the dancing though - which was a mix of models and dancers and apparently took weeks of practice. I love Erin Wasson being dragged around - I'm pretty sure she was dragged off stage (probably drinking, for the nerves. No kidding so unprofessional) and the jumper and sequin jumpsuit outfit in the second last picture.

 Fall 2003. Oh I love this runway. The snow on the gravel and the rocks. I really like all of it even if I'm not crazy about some of the patterns. That black dress is so beautifully made though and the second top needs a details picture (there were none) so I can be zoomed in real close and stare at how it's put together.

Spring 2003. Would you believe I am actually not being a twat again and haven't mixed up two different lines? It started off piratey with deep greens and blacks, and then somehow (probably around the third picture there) it turned into this birds-of-paradise spring-fest. No I wasn't confused... :| I'm actually still pretty confused, but the journalist on seemed to get it.. The only link I can make is some sort of Caribbean thing. I guess I've lost my thinking cap.

PS: Flower-earring-hairpiece-oh-my

 Fall 2002. I would become a matador if I got to wear this sort of thing. Or convert to Spanishism (this is a joke I know there is no such thing. I feel like I have to clear this up though in case you think I'm one of those idiots who don't know the capital of their country. I'm not being rude I actually know a girl like that. No wait I am being rude. PURPOSEFULLY.)

Spring 2002. I am not overly excited. The line is called 'The Dance of the Twisted Bull' which clears things up a bit more, especially when you see the skin tight dress with rippled skirts. And yes, I do definitely think this is a continuance of the Spanish theme from the fall line.

Fall 2001. MUM SAYS I NEED TO WEAR MORE RUFFLES*. The headpiece on the third one (STOP TALKING ABOUT HEADPIECES) AHEM. is driving me insane and I want to wear it everywhere and I love the diagonal neckline most of the outfits have, even though I'm not the world's biggest fan of off-the-shoulder outfits (I hear that chick is awesome though?).

*She never said that.

 Spring 2001. So god was like 'OH HEY CHECK OUT WHAT I MADE IN SEVEN DAYS (Supposedly the world) And then Alexander McQueen was like 'OH YEAH THAT'S AIGHT. CHECK WHAT I DID (Spring 2001 line) and then god was like 'OWCH'

I don't know if that happened it's just a rumour. Anywho, this is the first line Alexander did designing for Alexander McQueen (i.e. the first ever Alexander McQueen line) and I can just imagine all the pressure of doing something like this for fashion week (even though I've never experienced anything like it). So feathered skirts and flowery-styled-designs draping all over the shoulders and the head caps that I like even though I will admit they are a bit strange (and are probably there so the hair doesn't take away from the shoulder draping floweriness).

So. I love Alexander McQueen and I always will and it destroys my heart, but at least now I can look at my favourites from his lines all the time and then maybe other people can. I don't want to forget.

Anyway, "in conclusion":

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