Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I fall at your feet

I could talk about how I made rubbish pasta (and now I know for a fact the rest of the day is destined to be the key of evility - new word for evilness that I made up, won't reveal why (because evilness is lame, duh) - hmph) and I could say that I learned to fish tail braid and that I finished watching Freaks and Geeks and that I keep getting way too excited about music festivals for someone who is saving up for a Chanel bag (BREATH), but I think high neck lines are probably more interesting?

OH. Classic ProScho (Proenza Schouler). Fall is never as bright as spring (Obviously. PS Did you get my pun in the title? I guess in another life I was a dad. Or a loser. BCOZ IM SO KOOL NOW!!!!!!!2) I love these button up collar necklines, and the deep shades of everything (more specifically green and blue). Aaaaaand the first dress is to die for. I think my insides are giving way as we speak.

Emilio Pucci, i.e. the wardrobe I should have. Emilio Pucci always reminds me of Balmain, except for when Balmain adds tackiness, Pucci adds class. Anyway, to resume yelling, ARE YOU SEEING THE FUR COAT. First time I saw it, I passed out. Straight up. No I'm kidding, but also THE SECOND JACKET. It reminds me of the Proenza one but I could nottt say which one I prefer... AND IN ADDITION, NATASHA POLY (i.e. the body I should have) looking amazing (second last dress).

I will now attempt to resuscitate myself.

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