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I call this one 'Tim Squared' (Haha see what I did there)

The hardest thing about looking at fashion lines that are only like a year old, is that everything feels done, because by now you've seen it over and over every which way a thousand times. And that is my honest opinion.

This is how it went down. Step 1. Find awesome site of editorials. Step 2. Find the Harper's Bazaar editorial for Tim Burton shot by Tim Walker (Tim Squared, haha good one good one). Step 3. Try not to have a hernia.

ALSO: The clothes are from Fall 2009 lines FORYOURINFORMATION.

I should probably warn you that the way Tim Walker uses skeletons in this editorial is aymayZIIIIIING. I couldn't suss out any runway images for any of the stuff above (grrr) mostly because they're hard to see properly, but that has in no way diluted my ability to stare at these head pieces. Aaaaand I think I've just gotten attracted to fire-engine-red hair more than I thought possible. Aaaaaaaand my new New-years-resolution is now to look this creepy and wonderful all the time.

INADDITION: Owing to the fact that I am superbly generous and don't want you to have to traipse through my links to discover theeeeeeee greatest people you will ever meet, here is the l0wDowN on the designers. And such. (For the picture above)

Left girl: Hairpin, dress and necklace by Louis Vuitton; Belt and boots by Gucci
Right girl: Gown by Jean Paul Gaultier, cuffs by CC Skye, shoes by YSL

Image one - Dress by Atelier Versace, necklace by Alexis Bittar, gloves by Giorgio Armaniboots by Louis Vuitton                                           
Image two - Left: Coat by Salvatore Ferragamo, dress and shoes by Comme des Garcons,
Right: Jacket and gloves by Rodarte pants by Phi, boots by Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte

I am kind of insane about how both of these are set up. Like this really freaky twist on innocence and 1940s romance. In the first image the girls eyes are looking at you, but not looking at you, and its triippinnggg me out.

Plus the girl with the camera in the second image! Like when people don't even look in the camera but just hold it up and click away? Yeah that's what it makes me think of. In a stalkery way.

Plus Edward Scissorhands is giving this weird look that on one angle is all deep and interested and on another angle is pretty much dead of emotion. And it's all so creepy and so so so beautiful.

This Atelier Versace dress took me almost a century to find because style.com did not have images of Versace's Fall 09 Couture collection (tre frustrating!) but I managed to track it down.

Plus there were these, which I literally think I am incapable of not showing you

(Sleeves. Loww back. Not breathing.)

Even without the scissor-hand-thing happening, this is soo very Tim Burton. And I like the block hair colours they did.

And then there are the Louis Vuitton boots. Ohhh Marc. Why is it I can be so bored by your own Marc Jacobs line, but when it comes to Louis Vuitton you make me so blissful? Like fairy floss. But this is like hardcore-punk-Ima-gonna-kick-you-with-my-six-inch-tie-ups kind of fairy floss. In black.

In other news, if you have not seen the entire Louis Vuitton Fall 09 collection, I seriously suggest you be checking that shizzay, because I loved it a lot.Especially the outfit Lily Donaldson was wearing.

Gown with jacket and boots by Nina Ricci, gloves by Carolina Amato, tights by Falke

OHH this dress.

It goes from salsa-dancing-in-havana to bleeding-eyes and appropriate-in-skeletons-company really really quickly. Too quickly...

No just kidding and YES the lighting is shades darker in the editorial (exactly what I was thinking!) and the detail in the jacket does get lost (you know me too well). 

The point is that this Nina Ricci Fall 09 collection (I have to keep saying collection because '09' and 'line' rhymes, and that sort of thing troubles me) is utterly amazing and I loveddddddd the bottom of the dresses and I'm still unsure how I am managing to talk about what I thought of the editorial with what I thought of the fashion lines from the clothes that were in the editorial? Because honestly it seems like a bad idea.


If it would not utterly destroy the dresses, I would diieeeee to see the models knee deep in water and just have the tails floating behind them, like in a wedding. And the water curving in the pattern of the dresses. Yaknow!?

Dress and sandals by Givenchy, tights by Gerbe, headpiece by Philip Treacy for Alexander McQueen (of course)

THIS. OUTFIT. Frankly I don't care if Anna Wintour herself decided this was the ugliest collaboration she'd ever seen in her life and threw up in Riccardo Tisci's face (which is pretty much a metaphor for her pinching her lips) I will never ever not support it. And I need to make it ASAP. By whatever means necessary (didn't that sound creepy! New year's resolution here we come).

And the mummy standing next to her is ingenious. Hand-on-shoulder like oh-let's-get-our-picture-taken, no-big-deal and oh-yeah-my-eye-make-up-does-start-at-my-eyebrows-what-of-it. THERE IS A LOT OF MIND BLOWING HAPPENING OVER HERE RIGHT NOW.

AND back to the outfit I am so utterly suprised Comme de Garcons did not make this! Givenchy of all brands! This is pure Ricardo perfection and I think Givenchy needs to stop compromising his talent for marketable reasons because the rest of this line was kiinddd of flop and it destroys my soul.

Dress, hat and boots by Alexander McQueen, gloves by Giorgio Armani

 Oh Lee. Fuck I'm going to cry.

Basically Alexander had this way of making clothes into everything they are not and everything they can be. And everything they should be. It's like art work. It's like seeing Claude Monet's 'La Promenade' get up and walk down the runway. It's never not stolen my breath.

Jacket (top) by Jean Paul, jacket (underneath) and skirt by Balmain, headpiece by Shona Heath, fishnets by Wolford, shoes by Nina Ricci

Okay. Ummm yes the Nina Ricci shoes.

Firstly, yes, the physics of these shoes are beyond me! And secondly, yes, I am extremely bitter about Olivier Theyskens being replaced at Nina Ricci! Because frankly it's bullying. Nina just bullying Olivier because he is a bit different. AND AWESOME. Jealousy?

Whatever, I should formally introduce you to one of the three greatest platform shoes I have ever seen (also, Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 and Gabrielle Marina Gonzalez Fall 2010).

And I don't understand why Olivier can't just go up to Nina Ricci and be like 'YA KNOW WHAT MAYTE YOU NEVER SHOULD HAVE FIRED ME' and then when they say 'Why?' he can just slam a pair of these babies down and be like 'CASE AN' POYNT'.*

*I don't know why I'm assuming he talks like this? Probably just trying to be humorous.

Dress and hat by Chanel, latex stockings by Atsuko Kudo


Seriously, this is amazing. Ya know just casually chilling in with the grass and such.

And I really need to invest in latex stockings? Even though they have so much potential to go awry?

AND here is something of note, this dress is only from my FAVOURITE CHANEL LINE EVER. EVER. And it's been a hard choice. And the latest Chanel line has been stiff competition. But I literally cried when I saw the Chanel Fall 09 collection (see that, see how I didn't say line, and no, I won't bring it up every..when this happens)


This is the dress in the editorial.

Aaaand this is the hat...

And here are some more that you may consider a gift for your heart. And I could keep going because I actually do have the whole line saved on my hard drive but I should go to bed*

*this is a lie. I actually plan on showing you the whole line in a separate post at a later date.

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