Sunday, May 9, 2010


Owing to the fact that my chronic asthma (it's not that bad but I can't remember what the opposite of chronic is sooo....) has cleared up I decided it would now be medically okay for me to look at fashion lines again. Incase I hyperventalite. Which pretty much always happens.

Also, crying.

I just really like Miu Miu. Naturally, it can't beat the Spring line (which was RYDIKULOWS) but ma hart still gose owt 2 ma gurl Miucci Prada! (Can I get a TESTIFY!) Anyway.
Firstly, LAVENDER AND ORANGE. I am still so confused. I have honestly honestly no idea how Miu Miu managed to pull that off, especially considering most bright and pastels together make me feel queasy. But I really really liked it.

And I liked the crimped edges and the diagonal (I want to say oblique but I think words like that threaten people's vocabulary-esteem) pockets and the rediscovery of the turtle neck (which are charming) and the high ponytails. AND I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THE SHOES OKAY. But I still like them.


Ninety-nine percent of the time, John Galliano pulls out all this crazy shit and I get super distracted by the runway walks and the hair and the make up (ohhhhhthemakeup) and then when I see the dresses on editorials and stuff it looks completely different. But editorials always make the clothes look different... But I do love it.

I have this theory that Galliano tries to do his own editorial, you know those editorials that are set on runways (you get the idea, PS mmmm Meisel)? Sooooooo the lighting and backgrounds and the styling make it kind of like that. And it's soooo much more than a winter in New York, it's like a full on (glitter) blizzard and trekking through brutal mountain ranges in your Mongolian lamb fur hat. But then, of course it is. Because it's John Galliano. And monobrows.

Ann Demeleumeester. Where does one even purchase such liquid looking material? I always like how her lines look like water walking down the runway. And they are so dark and eerie and like two steps before Tim Burton mixed with that rich-ladies-from-the-1920s-class-and-taste-in-fur.

AND everything she does is like a twist on classic designs. And that fur coat is killing me because it's amazing and far far too expensive for me and probably real fur so I wouldn't wear it WHYISLIFELIKETHIS.

I should probably go watch The Office and stop yearning for these things.

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